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Whether you are new to Emmerentia or if you are just looking for a new perspective on your dental care, when you choose Asnaan Dentistry as your preferred dentist in Emmerentia, you can look forward to a safe, superb service at an affordable rate.

Our dental practice provides patients with a peaceful environment and our services include all of the basics as well as those more advanced dental services. We make use of the latest technology in the industry, and with our streamlined approach and our commitment to efficiency, we have created a first-rate practice with a dedicated team of professionals.

Dentistry is our passion, and we understand that when it comes to choosing the right dentists to become your family provider, you need to not only know how to choose a good dentist but you also need to know what to look for in your ideal practice.

What is a family dentist?

At Asnaan Dentistry, we are so much more than your average dental practice. We are focused on creating the sort of environment in which families feel comfortable. Being family dentists in Emmerentia means we see patients of all ages, and we know how to make small, perhaps nervous and frightened children feel more at ease with being at the dentist.

Many patients simply assume that all dentists can provide a dental medical treatment to a child patient, or an elderly person. To a big degree, they are right to make this assumption, but as with any medical practitioner, some are better experienced and better equipped than others to take care of the dental needs of patients of a specific age.

General dentists will usually specialise in more general services such as tooth extraction, crowns, and veneers, while the family dentist is able to take care of age specific dental services.

A family dentist is any dental practitioner who is able to treat patients of all ages. These dentists focus on a wide range of dental services including everything from the basic check-up, cleaning, fillings, x-rays, and more.

Asnaan Dentistry is a team of family dentists and dental hygienists with a very specific set of values which we are immensely committed to. Providing a calming environment, one in which we can reassure our patients, and also being dedicated to providing our patients with an affordable dental service that won’t cost the earth, is one of our main goals as we grow our practice further. We are able to provide our patients with a full range of family dental services, at this affordable rate without compromising on the quality of the work we do.

As family Emmerentia dentists, the dental care that we provide is guaranteed to improve your smile.

How to choose your dentist in Emmerentia?

Generally, when looking for a reliable family dentist, who will become the regular dentist for the family, patients tend to ask around. They will lean on the advice of their friends, family and co-workers, for their opinion on who the best dentist in the area is.

While this is a fantastic way to get a reliable review, when it comes to choosing this kind of medical treatment, and especially when the treatment involves kids, you need to look beyond these sources.

When you are choosing your dentist it helps to get in contact directly with the dental practice you are considering. The most important thing that you can do is to make sure that you are comfortable with the dentist you are considering making an appointment with.

Other considerations that you should make, when deciding on your dentist, includes finding out their working hours, finding out how close they are to where you live or work, getting some idea about their experience (especially when you are in need of a more complicated dental service) and, of course, it helps to find out more about their rates as well as whether or not that accept medical aid or if they have a private self-paying service.

If you are a nervous patient or if you are bringing a child to the dentist for the first time, it can help to contact the dentist you are considering, to find out more about how an appointment will progress. The best dentists will go out of their way to make sure that you feel comfortable, and relaxed, throughout your appointment.

As healthcare providers, the dentist you choose should be able to provide a world-class medical treatment that is big on quality as well as being incredibly friendly.

What you should never do when selecting your dentist is to go on price alone or just because someone has told you that their dentist is really nice.

Our dental services are also available in Greenside, Ferndale and Randburg.

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