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As your go-to Dentist for all your oral health needs, we at Asnaan Dentistry Northcliff pride ourselves on providing our patients with premium and affordable dental care, for the whole family. Our mission is to take the anxiety out of dentistry, one happy patient at a time. Let us take care of you!

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Great service I would highly recommend
sashni ramkishwar
sashni ramkishwar
Excellent service! Dr Nawaaz was patient and gentle and answered all my questions..thank you!
Neels Maritz
Neels Maritz
Highly recommended.Extremely proffesional staff.From the heart of the company...the receptionist.... i said to her that my baby girl is in alot of pain and without hesitation she said please bring her in we will squeeze her in ...she went more than the extra mile to accommadate us on such sort notice.She has send me pin location to make it easier for us to locate them.The dental nurse and the dentist was so gentle with my little girl only 8yrs old.This was her 1st ever visit to the dentist.They removed a very sore baby tooth.When it was removed i asked her if it was painfull she just said"i did not feel a thing"I will visit them guys excellent service.....we need more pratices like yours....11 out of 10...
Akshay Maharajh
Akshay Maharajh
A dentist that is passionate and willing to spend time with each customer not only doing an excellent job but also explaining and advising. Receptionists are also incredibly friendly and easier to schedule appointments through various communication channels.
Edna Lawrence
Edna Lawrence
I incurred a dental emergency with a broken bridge on Friday morning. Dr Essack and his team assisted immediately. Unfortunately my previous dentist did not do a very good job and Dr Essack and Dr Dambha did a thorough job off advising me and finding a cost effective solution. I will most certainly make use of there services again.
Ayesha Mohamed
Ayesha Mohamed
Excellent service
Tshepo Peele (#TRUTHBETOLD)
Tshepo Peele (#TRUTHBETOLD)
The Doctor and his assistant were very helpful and friendly. Very professional and I will be going back in December.😉


We strive to provide our patients with a pleasant experience while restoring their smiles.


Extractions, wisdoms, implants etc.


Composite veneers, porcelain veneers/crown, whitening, white spot removal, aligner therapy


Composite reconstruction, root and therapy, biomimetic restorations, porcelain crowns and bridges

Preventative Dentistry

Scale and polish (Cleaning), removal, sealants, Diagnostics and X-rays etc.

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You could be new to the beautiful Randburg area of Johannesburg, or you could just be looking to change dentists. Either way, if what you are looking for is a kind and friendly dentist, who can offer you a variety of exceptional dental services in Randburg, then Asnaan Dentistry could be the perfect match for you.A team of expert dentists who care very much about the local community, Asnaan Dentistry offers all of the conventional services as well as those more specialised services that require extra attention and expertise. Our dental practice makes use of cutting-edge technology and in our peaceful setting, we see patients of all ages. Our dental care is available at a really affordable rate and our services are streamlined. With our approach to dentistry, we’ve developed a highly efficient service that enables us to more than meet the expectations of our patients. All of this has helped us to establish ourselves as the preferred dentists in Randburg.At Asnaan Dentistry, we are passionate about what we do and we go above and beyond to provide our patients with the best possible care, no matter the dental service they have made an appointment for.  And as family dentists, we are able to put our patients at ease and provide the whole family with a top-class service.

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What is a family dentist?

Asnaan Dentistry specialises in family dental services and at our laidback dental practice in Randburg, we have created a peaceful oasis for our patients, which helps to ensure that they can relax while having their smile seen to.Although all dentists receive similar training and qualify with a similar degree, there is a difference between a family dentist and a general one. Many patients will assume that one dentist is as good as another, and to a degree they are certainly correct in their assumption, but family dentists are the better choice when you have children or when you are looking for a specific type of dental service.When you think about a general dentist, the kind of services you will receive mostly consist of crowns, tooth extractions, and root canals, and they could also offer a couple of specialised cosmetic services.Family dentists are a little different in that while they focus more on teeth cleaning, giving patients a general check-up, putting in fillings, and even doing x-rays. These types of dentists are ideal for young children as well as elderly people.At Asnaan Dentistry, we are family dentists in Randburg who are committed to going above and beyond for our patients, and we operate according to our strict values and principles. We are focused on giving our patients the best possible service, at incredibly affordable rates, and we never compromise on the quality of the service.

Asnaan Dentistry Services

What makes our dental practice the preferred place to have your teeth or that of your family’s seen to, is that we have a fantastic range of services that cater to patients of all types. Our dental services cover all sorts of dental requirements, so whether you are making an appointment to have a routine procedure done, or if you are looking for something a little more specialised, within our list of services, you will almost certainly find what you are looking for.Our dental practice was set up in 2020, and in a short time we have become regarded as the best dentists in Randburg, and for good reason. We have just about every dental service a family dental team could offer, and with our skill and experience, we give our patients the best kind of friendly, cost-effective dental care.At our practice, we are committed to focusing on the finest of details and we take great pride in our superior craftsmanship. We take a lot of inspiration from ancient times, when things were built to last. This means, when you come to us to have your teeth seen to, you can be sure that the treatment will go above and beyond your expectations.It is our goal to give our patients a beautiful smile while making sure that their dental health and hygiene stays in good shape. With this in mind, along with our mission to make sure that patients receive a world-class service, these are some of the main dental services that we have on offer.

  1. Max-Fac

This service is all about resorting tooth and gum health, and giving our patients their smiles back. Under the umbrella term of Max-Fac, we offer tooth extractions and implants, and we also offer a variety of wisdom teeth related services.Our Max-Fac services are detail focused and precisely carried out, and our patients leave our practice with a renewed confidence and more comfort than they have had in years. Our dentists are more than capable of giving patients a comfortable, pain free Max-Fac service.

  1. Cosmetic

With composite veneers, porcelain veneers or crowns, teeth whitening, white spot removal, and aligner therapy and crowns, with our cosmetic services, you can have the smile you’ve always wanted.When choosing any cosmetic service, it is so important that you choose the right cosmetic dentist. Should you go with the wrong type of dentist, you could end up with a less than satisfactory service. You should also give careful thought to the various payment options that they could have available. Cosmetic dental work can be pricey so it is important to know if you can pay it off.Our cosmetic services are ideal whether this is your first time having a procedure done or if you have done it before. Should you have any questions about any of our cosmetic procedures, you can always contact our practice.

  1. Rehabilitation

Dental rehabilitation is all about restoring your teeth. Over time our teeth take a bit of a beating, and can end up damaged, stained or, if really unlucky, teeth can even go missing. Dental rehabilitation can be a long term or a short term treatment, depending on the amount of work that will need to be done.Generally, with any service listed under rehabilitation, the treatment will start with an initial assessment to determine the kind of work needed, how long it will take and how much it will cost. Some work will be a bit more involved than other work, and sometimes the treatment can involve more than one tooth.With our specialised dental rehabilitation services, we offer composite reconstruction, root therapy, biomemtic restorations, and porcelain crowns and bridges. All of these services are available at our dental practice in Randburg and you can contact us for more information about these specific services.

  1. Preventative Dentistry

The best dental services are the preventative ones. As they always say, prevention is better than cure, and with our selection of preventative dentistry we offer a wide range of helpful services. You can have any of these services as a part of your annual check-up or you can make an appointment whenever you feel necessary. With this service, you can look forward to keeping your teeth healthy and looking fantastic.With our preventative services we offer scale and polishing (which is cleaning), stain removal, fissure sealants, diagnostics and x-rays (for more complicated issues), and we also offer clinical photographs.While the preventative dentistry is pretty straight forward when it comes to deciding if it is a service that you really need, with the other services, it can help to get a professional opinion before committing to a procedure. With a professional opinion, you can be sure that you are actually signing up for the service that you really need.Our world-class dentists are committed to giving patients the highest quality services, and if you are in a position where you can’t come to our practice, due to a mobility issue, you can contact us to make arrangements for us to come to you.As family dentists in Randburg, it is our mission to assist as many patients as we can, because a good smile is about so much more than confidence.

How to choose your dentist in Randburg?

When you are looking for a new dentist in Randburg, there are a variety of ways to make your decision. Usually, when people are choosing a dentist they will ask around for recommendations and go on the suggestions of friends, family and co-workers living in their area. While this can most certainly be a great way to find your new dentist, it is not necessarily the best or only way to do so.Any dentist that you consider will have to be able to meet your dental requirements as well as your expectations, and above all else, they will need to be reliable. The dentist you choose should be able to provide you with a world-class medical treatment, and they should certainly have a reputation for being friendly too!When you are making your decision, you should consider a few things. To start with, once you have asked around or looked for dentists in your area online, you should then make contact with them. The only real way you are going to know if the dentist you are thinking about is the right fit for you is by talking to them and getting sense of what their practice is like. Having a chat with someone from the dental practice will also give you the chance to ask the necessary questions about their services and their prices.Some of the other things that you should find out about when selecting your dentist is whether or not they accept medical aids, if they have a private self-service option, what kind of services they have to offer, what their office hours are, and how close they are to your home or place of work.If you have a fear of dentists and you want to put your mind at ease, you can always contact the dentist to find out how an appointment would usually go.You should never base your decision entirely on the cost of the overall service, but rather on the dental practice’s level of expertise, their experience, and the general feel you get when talking to them.Asnaan Dentistry, at the moment, is just two passionate dentists who want to help as many patients as possible to live a happier life by having an even more beautiful smile. You can contact us today to make an appointment or to discuss your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a dentist appointment in Randburg?

The price of a dentist appointment in Randburg is going to depend entirely on the dentist that you are visiting as well as the service you are in need of. A more specialised service is likely to be a lot more expensive when compared to something simpler like a filling or a check-up. The price of a dentist appointment can also be determined by the amount of time that it can take to carry out the service. At Asnaan Dentistry, we try to make sure that the cost of our dentist appointments are as affordable as possible.

How can I book a dentist appointment?

These days there is quite a variety of ways to book a dentist appointment. You can go for the more conventional option, which is to give the practice a call and make the booking. Or you can take the even easier route and either book your appointment online or you can send a WhatsApp message.

How often should you visit a dentist?

Generally, and perhaps what you were taught as a child, is that a yearly visit to the dentist is the right way to do things. But this rule doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. If you have trouble free teeth, the period of time that you can have between appointments can be up to a year or more, but if you have high-maintenance teeth, you can see your dentist every 3 months. The frequency of your dentist visits should be discussed with your dentist.

Meet the Team

As a team, we strive to work collectively to provide you with a seamless dental experience.

Asnaan dentistry dentist

Dr Nawaaz Dambha


Dr Dambha has his special interest in implant dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry. Dr Dambha was trained by word renowned Dr Howard Gluckman in Cape Town on basic implant treatment workflows.

Asnaan dentistry dentist

Dr M. U. Essack


Dr Essack graduated from Wits University dental school in 2016 and has been in private practice since. He has special interest in Biomimetic dentistry concepts and dental photography, using instagram as a platform for discussing and learning with dentist from across the World.

Medical Aid? We got you.

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