Best Priced Teeth Whitening in Randburg

The best priced teeth whitening in Randburg

Although you might think that you are the only one with stained teeth, the truth is that over time, everyone could do with some teeth whitening. To make sure that you have the most pleasant experience possible, it helps to know more about what tooth whitening entails and what you can expect when you arrive at the dentist for your appointment. The teeth whitening cost at Asnaan Dentistry is affordable and we take care to brighten your smile.

Our team of skilled and experienced dentists and dental hygienists provide patients with a wide range of services that include just about everything, from the dental care basics to those sought after cosmetic procedures, like teeth whitening. In a comfortable environment, patients can have their smiles transformed and their confidence restored.

What you should know before booking an appointment for teeth whitening in Randburg.

What is tooth whitening mostly used for?

Often, a tooth whitening procedure is something that will need to be done a couple of times if the effect is to be maintained. Tooth whitening will improve the colour of the tooth, by safely removing the stains and the discolouration. The vast majority of dentists will offer this sort of service and when it is complete the overall appearance of your teeth will be greatly improved.

The white that you see on a tooth is caused by the enamel and the light. When light hits the enamel, it scatters, and when combined with the dentin on the surface of the tooth, it appears white. For the most part, your genetics will determine the thickness and the smoothness of your enamel. This means that if your enamel is thin, more of the dentin will shine through. And if you have a thicker enamel, the tone of the colour will also be different.

Whenever you eat or drink something, a coating of pellicle (which is a thin coating) gets suck on the enamel and this can result in stains. Since the enamel has pores, the stains can become more prominent.

Although your genetics predispose you to stains and discolouration, certain lifestyle choices can also have an effect. Some of the more common reasons why teeth go yellow include:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking too much dark liquids, such as cola, tea, red wine and/or coffee
  • Not taking proper care of your teeth

Aging can also play a big role in tooth discolouration. As we get older, the tooth loses its brightness because the enamel gets thinner while the dentin gets darker.

While discoloration and satins are usually only on the surface, there are some cases when the discoloration is actually inside the tooth.

Other reasons why your tooth could be discoloured includes:

  • Trauma
  • Too much exposure to fluoride as a child

Usually, the only way to effectively whiten a tooth is if the discolouration is on the outside, on the enamel.

What to expect when having your teeth whitened in Johannesburg and surrounds?

Each dentist will have their own approach to this sort of procedure, and the overall success of the procedure is going to depend on if the tooth has other dental problems. Before the procedure can start, any existing problems will have to be seen to.

Should you have receding gums or should you be suffering from tooth decay, a tooth whitening procedure might make your teeth a lot more sensitive. If you have porcelain or ceramic veneer or crowns, the procedure might not be as effective. This is definitely something to talk to about with your dentist.

Teeth whitening is a very straight forward procedure that can take between 30 minutes to an hour to complete and can be done in the dentist’s practice. Often a procedure will start off with the dentist photographing your teeth so that they can properly see the progress of the treatment as they work. Some teeth whitening can be very subtle so the photograph is necessary for comparison.

Your dentist might ask you some questions about how your teeth were stained or what lifestyle decisions you can make to minimise the possibility of the stains returning in a hurry.

Before the procedure begins, the teeth will be given a full clean. This will ensure that teeth whitening can be effectively done.

If you want to continue whitening your teeth at home, it is best to talk to your dentist and find out more about what they recommend in terms of the frequency of whitening as well as the type of whitening product you use.

The Risks of Teeth Whitening

It is very rare for teeth whitening to have any sort of serious side effects. Following the treatment, the teeth and gums might be a bit more sensitive for a time. Whitening is not a permanent solution, especially if you drink lots of dark coloured liquids and if you smoke. The longer you refrain from going overboard with consuming things that might stain your teeth, the longer your teeth will stay white.

Dentists will generally advise pregnant women to not have teeth whitening as the product used to whiten the teeth may not be safe for the foetus.

If your gums become very sore and go white after you have had this procedure done, it is best to book a follow up with your dentist.

Eventually, with time, the stains will reappear and you will need to undergo another procedure to boost the whiteness of the teeth. You can have the procedure done every 6 to 12 months, but the longer you avoid things that stain the teeth, the longer your teeth will stay sparkling.

The best way to find out which type of teeth whitening is best for your needs and the best way to get great advice for keeping your teeth white, it is best to contact your dentist and to have a chat. At Asnaan Dentistry in Johannesburg, we offer a top class teeth whitening service that is suitable for just about anyone.

For an exact teeth whitening price and for more information, you can contact us today to either make an appointment or to have a chat.

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