The union of beauty and function, biology and engineering.

We find ourselves in a time in Dentistry that places us uniquely at the cusp of amazing technological advances, where procedures and processes are being streamlined and tweaked for maximal efficiency and cost effectiveness. While that maybe game-changing we cannot ignore the beauty and the art that makes dentistry as a profession worth getting out of bed for in the morning.

Asnaan Dentistry: A dental office with a focus on detail and craftmanship, with a logo that reflects that vision. Drawing inspiration from a time in late antiquity when things were built to last the ages, and do so beautifully, our designers incorporated an Arabic script calligraphy into our aesthetic, a representation of exquisite precision through ages.

Who look forward to sharing this vision with you, as we partner on our journey to create or maintain your beautiful smile.

Our Story
and how it all began

Somewhere in June 2020, in the middle of a whole pandemic. Dr Essack called Dr Dambha ..

It was his brightest idea yet –

We should open a practice together..

So we did just that. We ignored the common sense side of our brains and went right ahead.

It took every ounce of patience and persistence in us to build the practice of our dreams.

We crossed our fingers and opened the doors on the 1st of February. What happened next was incredible..

The support and love we received from friends, family and everyone else was phenominal! 3 weeks in and we’ve already had the opportunity to touch so many lives and brighten so many smiles.

So I guess what we’re saying is – Thank you, for all the sharing, liking, reposting, recommendations and everything else, that everyone has done for us. We’ll remember you in all our prayers.

You are helping two passionate dentists who love smiles and their patients to live their dream – And that’s ‘kinda’ special.

Sincerely, Dr Essack and Dr Dambha

Words that we are proud of

Uwais Aboo

Went for the X-ray, clean and check-up. The service I received was excellent and beyond my expectation. They are very well priced. Importantly, all Covid-19 protocols were stringently followed.

Cassandra Do Rosario

Went for their opening special. Clean X-rays and consultation! I was beyond impressed! And booked for my whole family before I left.

Khadie Makoloni Harun

The best dentist I’ve been to. He knows his work and will do anything possible to make sure that you’re comfortable and happy.

Lucka Van Dyck

Very good at what he’s doing. Not expensive.

Danette De Abreu

Excellent service by Dr Essack. I’m paralyzed and bedridden and he did a home visit. Very professional with a good sense of understanding. I will gladly recommend him as my first extraction was done with no pain or discomfort during the procedure or after.

Colin Law

Excellent empathetic treatment from a great dentist who calmed my fear. Thank you! I can now add a regular dentist visit to my shopping at impala dats as they are in the same hood.

Asnaan Dentistry

Dentist in Randburg, Northcliff, Emmerentia, Greenside, Linden.

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